Marks of Distinction

The primary focus is measuring an experience, worthy of seeking out. Awards are based on a detailed set of criteria


Charcoal - Recomended

This restaurant or dish leaves an impression. A noteworthy and standout selection in its category. A very good experience that is at times excellent, sometimes surpassing expectations. Certainly worth a try, if you have the chance.

Pork Stomach and Ginko Soup
Bamboo Grove | Canada
A well received soup, by local Chinese gourmets.
Tiger Prawns with Pork and Eggplant
Bamboo Grove | Canada
This signature house dish, is a uniquely Chinese surf and turf.
Crack Pie
Addictingly good, salty and sweet, cookie crust pie.
Assaggi di Salumi
A sampling of the restaurant's pride, their cured meats.
Benton's Old Fashioned
A bourbon drink, infused with bacon.
Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese
The house burger, accompanied by its popular shoestring fries.
Seaweed and Bean Curd in Vinegar Dressing
Din Tai Fung | Taiwan
The ever popular appetizer, that most people order before getting dumplings.
Niku Uni
Takashi | USA
A jaw dropper of raw beef, topped with uni.
Chicken Liver Toast
This creamy, chunky spread over toast is one of the staples here.
Uni Dishes
Soto | USA
The main fixture of many uni dishes sampled here.
Black Label Burger
A patty selected of prime, dry aged beef cuts, cooked in butter.
Mezcal Mule
A playful twist on the Moscow Mule.
Congee with Dried Oyster and Preserved Egg
A unique combination of ingredients makes for a distinct bowl of congee.
Fish Head Curry
Banana Leaf Apolo | Singapore
One of the most well known of this dish in town.
Steamed Chicken Rice
This popular hawker stall's chicken, with a buttery, flavorful rice.
Katong Laksa
328 Katong Laksa | Singapore
A dish laksa fans always make comparisons to.
Tortelli di Zucca
Dal Pescatore | Italy
The restaurant's signature tortelli with pumpkin and parmigiano reggiano.
Langoustine Ravioli
Caprice | Hong Kong
Accompanied by veal sweetbreads and mushrooms, dressed in an aromatic seafood bisque.
Roasted Mushrooms
Craft | USA
An assortment of mushrooms, properly cooked with herbs and butter.
Steamed Foie Gras Egg Custard
Aburiya Raku | USA
Foie gras plays a supporting role, but is what holds the dish together.
Aburiya Raku | USA
Grilled, ground chicken meatball, bursting with flavors.
Crispy Suckling Pig
Les Amis | Singapore
A beautiful half suckling pig, carved table side.
Zhajiang Mian
A noodle dish representing the quintessential taste of Beijing.
Ginger Crusted Onaga
Alan Wong's | USA
A longstanding, and perhaps best, dish of this Hawaiian Contemporary institution.
Soup And Sandwich
Alan Wong's | USA
A Hawaiian twist on the American classic, grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Sourdough Crusted Red Snapper
Le Bernardin | USA
Another example of the restaurant's beautiful execution of simplicity.
Moules Frites
Chambar | Canada
Mussels in a giant steaming pot, comes in three variations.
Fish Soup Noodles
The main soup base, of this mix and match noodle shop.
Shaved Frozen Foie Gras
Momofuku Ko | USA
Frozen foie gras shavings, over a lychee and riesling jelly.
Bo Ssam
A Premium take on this Korean family style, sharing dish.
Cereal Milk
A familiar taste of Americana, bottled as a drink or fashioned into dessert.
Roast Pork Belly
HK BBQ Master | Canada
Refined preparation gives a uniquely textured skin and evenly cooked, tender meat.
The Godmother
This Italian submarine is the reason most people come to this shop.
Curry Beef Brisket
Mui Garden | Canada
One of two signature dishes at this classic Vancouver Hong Kong cafe.
Short Rib with Smoked Salt and Hay Jus
Wildebeest | Canada
Slow cooked, natural Angus beef short ribs.
Sliced Beef Brisket
Memphis Blues | Canada
Almost glistening, tender meat is a result of slowly cooking overnight.
Bacon and Egg Ice Cream
The Fat Duck | United Kingdom
A play on breakfast, as a dessert.
Beef Noodle in Soup
This dependable bowl of noodles has been a neighborhood favorite for years.
Bread with Onion Butter
A clever way to liven up the usually predictable bread course.
Handpulled Noodles
Legendary Noodle | Canada
Made behind a glass show window and put into interesting soups.
Corn Esquites
A bowl of toasted corn with zesty toppings and cheese.
Spaghetti alle Vongole
The popular clam pasta, taken to a more serious level.
Oysters and Pearls
Soleil oysters and pearl sabayon, in a buttery sauce.
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Ad Hoc | USA
A cult hit, spawning annual dinners that fans look forward to.
The Hen and The Egg
Noma | Denmark
A longstanding item, at this resaurant known for many groundbreaking dishes.
Pear, Prosciutto, Brie, Walnut Baguette
Finch's Market | Canada
Lovely configuration of a meat and cheese plate, in sandwich form.
Lamb Stew
Excelsior | Canada
A deeply satisfying stew, especially on cold winter nights.
Meat Fruit
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal | United Kingdom
A deceptively disguised liver parfait.
The top selling coffee at all the Blue Bottle shops.
Crispy Ceci
Campagnolo | Canada
A refreshing way to start a memorable Italian meal here.
Lox Cream Cheese Bagel
Essa Bagel | USA
House whipped salmon cream cheese, on freshly baked bagels.
Claypot Rice
A benchmark claypot rice dish for many who have tried.
Strawberry Cream Cheese with Pumpernickel Bagel
Essa Bagel | USA
A more uncommon mixture that complements each other very well.
Pad Thai
Maenam | Canada
A more glossy, pungent form of the popular Thai staple.
Freshly Shucked Oysters
A daily board of oysters, shucked at amazing speeds.
Roast Pork
New Sam Po | Canada
Thinly sliced tender pork, with an exceptionally crisp, textured skin.
Crispy Skin Duck with Citrus Sauce
Billy Kwong | Australia
The restaurant's pasture fed, signature duck, using seasonal citrus.
Chocolate Sparkles
Thomas Haas | Canada
Super chocolatie, round cookie morsels.
Chocolate Tart
Thierry | Canada
The chef's famous recipe, for this incredibly rich, decadent dessert.
Barbeque Pork Belly Sandwiches
Animal | USA
A pair of sliders that is often recognized as the restaurant's signature dish.
Housemade Tofu
Aburiya Raku | USA
The restaurant's house tofu, with a fried batter and savory broth.
Stir Fried Spanner Crab Omelette
Rockpool | Australia
Perhaps the dish this restaurant is most proud of.
Confit of Tasmanian Ocean Trout
Tetsuya's | Australia
The perennial signature dish of the renowned restaurant's tasting menu.
Pied de Cochon
The namesake pork trotter dish, of this famed Parisian bistro.
Zydeco Stew
The restaurant's in your face version of a Caesar cocktail.
Spot Clam Chowder
White Spot | Canada
A classic, local Canadian version of Manhattan clam chowder.
Kurume Style Ramen
Monta Ramen | USA
The restaurant's house Tonkotsu pork bone ramen.
Stilton Cheesecake
Thomas Haas | Canada
A noticeably more pungent cheesecake than those you've likely had before.
Beef Burger
Market Grill | Canada
Flame broiled, Alberta beef home-made patties and fresh buns.
Peaceful House Stir-Fried Noodles
Saucy house made noodles, tossed with meat, seafood, and vegatables.
Chicken Liver Toast
Animal | USA
A good hint of things to come, on this meat filled menu.
Fried Snake
Xiao Nan Guo | China
For one who has never had snake meat, it is unbelievably tasty.
Wonton Noodles
Mak's Noodle | Hong Kong
One of, if not the most famous wonton noodles in town.
Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings
Tai Ping Koon | Hong Kong
An originator of a now accepted Hong Kong favorite.
Hokkaido Sea Urchin In Lobster Jello
Amber | Hong Kong
Amber's signature uni dish, adorned with caviar and gold leaf.
Roasted Squab
Sun Sui Wah | Canada
The signature dish at Sun Sui Wah.
Bo Luo Bao
Kam Wah Cafe | Hong Kong
One of the most notable pineapple buns in Hong Kong.
Bag Noodles
Bai Wei Shi Pei | Hong Kong
It's fun to pick different ingredients and mix them all in a bag.
Tempura Sandwich
Yotaro Honten | Japan
Deep fried bread, with a thin prawn filling.
Ogata | Japan
A simple, yet impressively cooked eggplant is a regular part of the everchanging menu.
Fish Head
Horigakidou | Japan
On a menu of small snacks, this larger stew is a show stealer.
Sanuki Style Udon
Sakata Udon | Japan
Cold is the best way to savor this chewy udon, at its purest.
Spicy Mushroom Pizza
Thick, spicy mushrooms cover a crispy pie crust.
Bamboo Pole Noodles
Ping Kee | Hong Kong
Egg noodles kneaded with a bamboo pole, a dying artform.
Japadog | Canada
The signature amongst the stand's Japanese fusion hot dogs.
Pesto Artichoke Pizza
Artichokes on a crispy pie, further enhanced with homemade pesto.
Spruce Burger
Spruce | USA
A contender for one of the city's best burgers, in a serious venue.
Tojo's Tuna
Tojo's | Canada
The chef's signature tuna sashimi, in a special sesame wasabi marinade.
Oxtail Soup
Asahi Grill | USA
"World famous" is how they like to refer to this local style oxtail soup.
Kurobuta Katsu
Ginza Bairin | USA
A choice cut of pork makes this a standout amongst Bairin's katsu menu.
Island Style Chicken Linguine
An Asian play on pasta, using a hoisin cream sauce.
Thick Sliced Beef Tongue
Totoraku | USA
The dramatic first course of many grilling courses.
Grilled Beef Tongue
Kohnotori | USA
A crowd favorite at this robata driven drinking pub.
The bakery's famous Portuguese dougnuts.
Hokkaido Bread
Panya Bistro | USA
At this bakery turned bistro that tries to do it all, this is its most standout item.
Loco Moco
A fried egg on hamburger steak and rice, topped with their unique gravy.
Pho To Chau | USA
Lines form outside this river street shop for their pho.
Kahuku Prawns
Romy's | USA
Big prawns raised from the local hatchery's waters, served head on.
Golden Crispy Chicken
Zippy's | USA
A unique tasting fried chicken recipe, only found on the islands.
Hot and Sour Noodle
Suan la mian, that is probably not what one expects.
Lau Lau
Tender, fall apart pork and butterfish, steamed in taro leaves.
Soon Tofu
Considered to be the best soon tofu in LA's Koreatown.
Surprisingly, the bbq short ribs might impress even more than the soon tofu.
Simmered, Spicy Black Cod and Daikon
Although a Korean Bbq, it's dishes like this that truly excel here.
Taiwanese Snow Ice
Class 302 | USA
One of the first places people here think of, for Taiwanese shaved ice.
Kiawe Broiled Chicken
A busy, more recently set up, huli huli chicken pit on the north shore.
Lobster Sticky Rice
Ho Yuen Kee | Canada
Most often the reason newcomers try, and loyalists return here.
Mixed Plate
The quintessential Hawaiian plate lunch.
Taiwanese Hot Pot Soup
Stinky tofu is one of the many things one can find in a hot pot here.
Roy's Classic Trio
Roy's | USA
A compilation of longtime favorites, here at the original Roy's.
Beef Stew Soup Noodle
Dai Ho | USA
Meat that has simmered for a long time is what gives this dish immense flavor.
Gjelina | USA
Interesting pizzas, accompanied by lovely dried seasonings.
El Matador | USA
It is the more daring cuts of meat that make an impression.
Tebasaki Chicken
Furaibo | USA
Nagoya style chicken, with a unique flavor.
"Croque Madame"
Hatfield's | USA
Fancy play on a breakfast sandwich, a more popular fixture on their menu.
Prime Rib
Hillstone | USA
A stellar slab of meat, from this chain of upscale casual restaurants.
Abalone Rice Chowder
A porridge craving sought after by the after hours crowd.
Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce
Matsuhisa | USA
Ever popular is this finger food like appetizer.
Wood Fired Pizza
A lot of hard work and effort goes into making pizza here.
Fresh Made Udon
Oumi Sasaya | USA
Imported ingredients are used to make fresh udon noodles daily.
New Style Sashimi
Matsuhisa | USA
Front liner of many modern sashimi dishes that form the backbone of the menu.
Squash Blossom and Burrata
This gorgeous show stealer of a pizza is a good representation to what Mozza's all about.
Hainan Chicken
An overwhelming favorite, and most likely the reason you are here.
Brown Bread Ice Cream
Scoops | USA
Although the selection of ice creams always change, one flavor never comes off.
Austrian White Asparagus
A dazzling little appetizer, that stands out on a menu full of meat.
Plum Juice
Dai Ho | USA
It is not common to find anywhere that makes fresh plum juice like this.
Fried Chicken
Golden Bird | USA
For those who value nostalgia, there is no better chicken in LA.
All Natural Fried Chicken
Humanely raised chicken, fried the old fashioned way, from scratch.
Bartender's Choice
The Varnish | USA
Put your trust in the bartender's hands, to make a drink based on your preferences.
Fennel Sausage Pizza
There's a bold kick to this pizza, and although mixed impressions, it's hard to forget.
Fried Egg Sandwich
Huckleberry | USA
A lovely farmer's market sandwich, highighted by bacon, gruyere, arugula and aioli.
Cheese Tofu
Musha | USA
Tofu with a mixture of cheeses, spread on crackers, and draped in honey.
Hanpen Cheese
Furaibo | USA
An addictive, deep fried fish cake, encasing American cheese.
The Burger
Golden State | USA
Applied philosophy that natural beef and ethical food practice leads to a better burger.
Grilled Octopus
This refreshing, citrusy dish over potatoes is often hailed as their must get item.
Pane Bianco
Chi Spacca | USA
A unique bread mixed with cheese, and cooked on imported Italian plates.
Wolves In Snow
Wolvesmouth | USA
A venison dish, with red smears to poetically suggest a wolf's kill.
The Comme Ca Burger
Comme Ca | USA
A creamy slaw and brioche bun helps it stand out in a town full of burger joints.
Smoked Duck
Shanghai Morning | Canada
A popular Sichuan specialty, in contrast to this restaurant's many Shanghai dishes.
Soba Zanmai
Jinroku | Japan
A sampling of juwari soba from three different regions.
Mille Crepes
Twenty paper thin handmade crepes, between layers of cream.
Banana Pudding
Fresh bananas, laced into vanilla wafers and rich, creamy pudding.
The house bread, made fresh daily at their next door bakery.
Fresh samin noodles, made daily in their family house.
Hot Buttered Rum
The Varnish | USA
A rich, hot drink to warm one's stomach on relaxing nights.
Smoked Linguine
A strong touch of smoke is immediately noticeable in this unique pasta.
Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade
Lemonade | USA
The most unique and popular of their rotating selection of lemonades.
Pork Belly with Deep Fried Egg
Your Kitchen | USA
Although hidden and out of the way, tourists come in search to eat this lunch bowl.
Beef and Bone Marrow Pie
Chi Spacca | USA
A savory pie, with a bone stuck down the middle.
The first, and original Cronut.
Luger's Sizzling Bacon
Peter Luger | USA
An extra thick cut slab of pork, gloriously juicy and delicious.
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Hillstone | USA
At this handsome bar, the best drink might not be a cocktail at all.
Chicken and Gyro on Rice
A warm, satisfying plate of food, worth lining up for.
Milk and Honey
The NoMad | USA
Ice cream and brittle pair together in a sweet, little symphony.