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By interacting with the Review section of restaurant and dish pages, you may directly affect the rankings of different category lists. Recommend restaurants and dishes you believe are amongst 'the best' and worth seeking out. What determines 'the best' is up to you. You may reference our list of criteria (link).

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A circle with a number 1 means this restaurant or dish has achieved the top ranking position in a category.

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Marks of Distinction

Marks are awarded based on an extensive set of criteria (link). Several contributing factors are taken into consideration, to determine if a recipient deserves an award, not just the quality of cooking. The primary focus is measuring a restaurant or dish as a destination worthy of seeking out, one which results in a memorable and lasting experience.

The award given to a recipient is chosen after in depth discussion by our editors, prior to a final decision. Editors who are well versed and experienced in the category of the restaurant or dish being reviewed play a big part in the evaluation.

There is no favoritism towards cuisine type. Establishments are graded separately, even when under the same group of restaurants. A dish that is slightly changed seasonally may be judged by its primary components year round. Special unique characteristics also play a big part in determining how much a restaurant or dish is worth trying. One may excel in different areas to achieve what is necessary to be awarded. An establishment is especially looked upon highly, if it offers an experience that is one of a kind.

Trying a restaurant or dish you consider 'better' should not affect how much of an impact a previous experience had on you. The significance of experiencing something for first-time should stay with you, long after you've discovered 'better'. We feel this is as important and valuable as any factor. An restaurant or dish can be judged by its own special qualities, not only the standards and trends set by others.

*A restaurant or dish can have a Mark, regardless of how many categories it is in.




This restaurant or dish leaves an impression. A noteworthy and standout selection in its category. A very good experience that is at times excellent, sometimes surpassing expectations. Certainly worth a try, if you have the chance.




A highly sought after restaurant or dish, that belongs on the world class stage. A distinct accomplishment that consistently reaches an exceptional level of quality in different areas. It attempts to uphold standards of the highest degree. Worth an effort to seek out, as it is certain to be a highlight of one's journey. This is dining experience you will not soon forget.




An astonishing, awe-inspiring achievement. A true landmark in the world of gastronomy, showcasing exemplary mastery of cooking technique. A dining experience of this caliber is exceedingly rare, some say impossibly difficult to find. It is the holy grail for those who are well versed in this category. Possibly, a defining moment that will forever change the way you perceive food. An unforgettable memory to reflect on for the rest of one's life. A once in a lifetime experience.




What comes to mind is a statue or shrine, which represents something historic and lasting. An enduring restaurant institution or iconic dish that has proven itself to stand the test of time and/or has contributed significant value historically to the culinary landscape. This is a special prize, such that even restaurants that may no longer uphold high standards may be awarded this recognition, with their contributions forever recognized.


Review Criteria

Pirsuit's editors take into consideration several factors when evaluating a dining experience. We encourage you to form your own unique perspective on what is considered to be 'the best', and take from this list what stands out most to you.

How memorable is the experience?

Does it taste good?

Skilled and technical cooking preparation.

Competent and quality sourcing.

Impeccably polished, to reflect the perfect version of a dish without mistakes.

Consistently up to par.

Are there obvious technical cooking errors?

It it slapped together without care, and something anyone could make, or does it take time and effort to make?

Does it exhibit traits of a high caliber, something only an expert would recognize?

Is the head chef on premises, in the kitchen?

It is preferable that a dish is cooked directly by or at least under the supervision of the chef that created it.

A unique technique or philosophy that sets this apart from others.

Innovations, orginiality, and creativity.

Is it trendsetting?

Influence it has on the rest of the world.

Popularity and reputation.

Is it famous?

Is it well received by connoisseurs and industry experts.

Is it sought after by many people, especially experts in that category?

Relevant to the current times.

Conveys a unique personality.

Is it different and unusual?

Cultural value and implications.

Is it fun?

Excitement level.

Daring new ideas.

Visual appeal and decor.

Comfort level.

Interesting gimmicks.

Does it transport you to another world?

Background and context.

Does it tell a story?

Sentimental value to the individual.

Does it ellicit feelings of familiarity and nostalgia?

Does it make you happy?

Surrounding elements of the journey to get there.

Interesting things and sights that happen on the way to the destination.

The first experience.

How glad were you to try this at least once in your life?

Do you want to return some day?

Is it rare and hard to find?

Is there something that can only be found here, and nowhere else?

A secret recipe or original technique perhaps.

Is it one of a kind?

Tips On Eating Well

Food tastes better when you're hungry.

Take time to admire your surroundings before actually eating. You really do feast with all your senses, including your eyes.

Get your mind off outside interferences, and immerse yourself in the moment.

Sometimes, it is better to take small bites than to devour.

Sometimes, it is better to devour than take small bites.

Chew throroughly and take time to notice subtle nuances in taste.

Breathe deeply when you eat, air affects your sense of smell and taste.

Fragrances in the air can greatly affect how something tastes.

Environmental changes in different world regions change your body, and alter how you smell and taste.

Eating several foods together will likely change how they taste individually. It is good practice to try the elements of a dish both together and separately.

A dish probably tastes best at the restaurant, eaten immediately after it is prepared.

Certain cultural beliefs affect what one considers to be comfortable and proper etiquette.